Forever Blue Reviews

Forty Years in the making and four years in the writing!

"...retired Police Captain Carl Ross has captured the heart and soul of what modern-day law enforcement is all about.  Ross a gifted writer and a compelling story teller.  I urge you to pick up a copy of Forever Blue...  Depending on who you are, it will make you laugh or cry, and might even invoke anger.  But unless you were born without a soul, this book will hit you emotionally.  A great read that you'll not be able to put down."  - Dave Grossi, retired police lieutenant, instructor, expert witness, and nationally recognized columnist.


“The memoir aims to give a glimpse into the daily life of police, for the purpose of helping families of officers to understand daily life, to give the general public a look into a highly criticized profession, and to help prospective police officers understand and evaluate their career choices.  Police Books and Training Materials Press Release - February 3, 2015


“Forever Blue: Adventures, Lessons, and Purpose - True Stories of My Life as a Police Officer is the true-life testimony of author Carl Ross, who has spent over four decades of service in the world of police work.  Ross tells of an officer so enraged he attempted Russian Roulette to extract a confession (this did not end well); horrifying emergency calls; memories of those who died in the line of duty; a year-long manhunt; tales of corruption in the force; and much more.  Peppered with vivid and fascinating anecdotes, Forever Blue is the next best thing to a ride-along in a police car, and enthusiastically recommended.” - Mary Cowper, Midwest Book Review


“I can't say too much about this book, it is a great case study of what it takes to be a cop and the things they encounter each day.  Carl Ross did it all and did it to the best of his ability and it shows.  Being a cop is not a job, it's a calling, sure some cops it's just a job, but for the most part it's your life while your on the job and stays with you always.” - Karl Holmstrom, Retired LAPD


“This is a monumental work, covering a most impressive cross section of Carl Ross’ career as a police officer.  He is to be commended for such a fine publication.” - Russ Brown, MIT Civil Engineering graduate, retired hydrologist & commercial pilot


“Ross uses overviews of big picture issues to introduce detailed accounts of day to day encounters.  Lots of action and excitement. I particularly appreciated the in depth discussions of tactics and equipment.  A fascinating read; finished the book in two sessions.” - John W. Reichardt


“I loved the author's writing style - very creative, witty, funny . . . about a serious topic.  I felt very moved by the stories and the writing brought me into feeling like I was actually there actually living the stories.  I would love to read more from this author on this topic.  I didn't want to finish the book and have to put it down!” - Bonnie A. Miller, former court reporter and air traffic controller, regional business owner, mother


“This book, written with candor and humor, is a must read for anyone considering law enforcement as a career.  It is also of great value to the general public who are concerned about the current trend of malignment of law enforcement.  The book presents a "realistic" view of the law enforcement community.  Carl Ross, a man of obvious character, integrity, and dedication, tells it like it is -- the good and bad of police organizations.  I was entertained and educated by the many stories of Carl's extensive experience.  My only disappointment was that the book ended!” - Richard Butler

Bronze Medal Winner - 2015 Global Ebook Awards in Non-Fiction - Autobiography/Memoirs category     


“A very good read.  Not a novel or a tale; just short descriptions of events he encountered over a long career in law enforcement.  Taken altogether, they show the varied experiences of a cop -- the routine, the funny, and the deadly serious.  He recounts encounters he had with citizens, criminals, politicians, and fellow officers.  Obviously he took and kept meticulous notes over his career and provides really detailed accounts in the book.  What comes through clearly is dedication and integrity; plus humor and a little frustration.  Overall an enjoyable book and what I imagine is a very realistic portrait of life in the blue uniform.” - Lt Col Rich Schornstein, USAF, Ret.


The following endorsements are of suspect authenticity, but are included for a smile.


Forever Blue answers all my law enforcement questions.” - Socrates

“I wish we’d had Ross with us at the OK Corral.” - W. Earp

“Thugs like Al Capone are afraid of this book!  Buy it now and find out why.” - E. Ness

Forever Blue is the greatest book ever written!” - E. Hemingway

“Who is Carl Ross?” - A. Rand